April 2014

We Are Moving

Dear Readers,

Over the past few months there has been some big and exciting transitions happening with As some of you might have noticed, Chicago Classical Music has linked some stories to our new partner-website, and we have a few new formats and weekly stories we’re posting.

The partnership began at the start of 2012-2013 season with some pretty big plans for the music community. Just as CCM was created to make an online home for classical music—covering everything from new music trends and the old-standbys, as well as giving a place for small ensembles to the big names, and highlighting music issues— is aiming to be the interactive, comprehensive online-home for the huge variety in windy city music. wants to highlight the new and the old, pay attention to news, and deliver exciting music you’ll want to know about.

Now that the 2012-2013 season is coming to a close, there is a new chapter opening for Chicago, and one ending for this site.  Starting in early May, this website is going to be turned archived, and all the music news, reviews, previews and interviews that you’d normally find here are going to be at

You’ll still see many of the familiar faces and names at  Allegra Montanari is writing for us; our public critic Elliott Mandel is working on some great concert and album reviews; Donna Marbury is also contributing.  We know Chicago’s classical roots run deep and wide, from new music enthusiasts, small up-and-comers, to the favorite headliners downtown.  And you’ll see them all at

But here’s what I’m excited about as the editor and writer, and classical music fan myself:

  1. Weekly picks-For starters, each week we’re hand selecting the top concerts for the week, from downtown to the suburbs. This way, you’ll never miss the concerts and events you wished you’d have heard about before seeing the awesome reviews.

  2. Bigger, better home- Our new website is easy to use and will have a lot more fun interactive elements for you while you’re reading (or listening!)

  3. More music-We’ve also got more videos and music on the way, and more in-depth interviews with artists.  We’re taking an in-depth look at new music and ensembles that won’t be Chicago’s best-kept secrets for long, and also are bringing you the most complete summer concert coverage we can.

  4. New audiences- I am thrilled also because classical music at is sharing a stage with other musical genres.  jazz, rock, Americana and more all live at, and classical music has a great opportunity to explore cross-genre influences and also engage with listeners who might not usually choose classical music.

I hope you’re as excited as we are for this next chapter for classical music in Chicago. If you have ideas or thoughts though, we want to hear them! Send them our way at or to me directly at

And don’t forget to find us on Facebook, Twitter and visit often for more updates on the classical music front in Chicago.




Margaret Sutherlin

Editor, Classical/New Music


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