Happy 10th Anniversary Steve! users – chime in!!

Happy 10th Anniversary Steve! users – chime in!!

Aug 17, 2010

An important milestone takes place this year and I want to draw some attention to it.  WFMT General Manager Steve Robinson is celebrating his 10th anniversary as GM of Chicago’s only classical music station and the WFMT Radio Network.  For those of us lucky enough to know and work with Steve, we can attest to his generosity and visionary leadership in the classical music arena.  His energetic and effective work on behalf of all of the classical music organizations, performers, and music schools in Chicago is enormous.

It would take a lot more space then we have to share all of the highlights of the last ten years of Steve’s stewardship, but here are a few that I would like to share.

•    Instituted live broadcasts of ensembles and special events including the Chicago Children’s Choir, the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, the South African opera, Princess Magogo, a day-long celebration of Cedille Records, Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, and hundreds of others
•    Produced Introductions, a weekly series featuring the most gifted young instrumentalists, chamber ensembles, choruses, bands, and orchestras in the WFMT broadcast area
•    Produced The Global Maestro: A Tribute to Paul Freeman that ran for 26 episodes
•    Steve led the Chicago media campaign for the tsunami victims that raises over $2 million in one day and followed that up by raising over $3 million for the Haiti earthquake victims

Steve has received awards and recognition from pretty much every classical music organization in the city – and the Chicago Sinfonietta is proud to be counted among them.  Are you getting the idea that this is one cool guy?  Please join me by posting your own Steve Robinson story (if its funny or embarrassing to Steve you get extra credit), or favorite WFMT moment of the last ten years, or maybe just a thank you to a man who has made a huge difference in what we hear and see every day.  Steve, congratulations and a huge thank you for ten fantastic years!


Well Done!

Congratulations, Steve - I knew you would be GREAT back at
WGBH days. I remember when you so beautifully proclaimed,
"This is the Eastern Public Radio Network!"

An Old Friend

Making WFMT and Chicago Performers Stand Out


WFMT stands out among all other classical stations primarily because of your efforts.

Despite access to WFMT through live streaming, HD Radio and who knows how many other media in the future (even in the past WFMT pioneered methods of broadcasting, such as the first quadraphonic broadcasts), we in Chicago are spoiled because all we have to do is turn that ol' FM dial to 98.7.

The programs and series that you have created/produced are far more interesting to listen to than simply broadcasting recordings that are already commercially available through other means.

In the process, you have given a boost, outlet, a way to share, and a source of pride to Chicago area musicians and young musicians from all over.

You have also been so cordial when encountered in person.

I hope that your continued work will not only keep WFMT strong and supported by its listeners via the Fine Arts Circle, but that your example will serve as a road to success and perpetuity for all public sources of classical music around the country.

- Steve Marcus
Steinway of Chicago
freelance tubist, pianist, and vocalist

Bravo, Steve!

Congratulations on ten outstanding years, and thank you for ALL you have done and continue to do to support and promote the arts in Chicago, including your exceptional stewardship of Chicago treasure, WFMT. Your vision and devotion continue to enrich the lives of all of our citizens. In particular, I want to thank you for your dedication to our youth. By creating and disseminating “From the Top” and “Introductions” you have given amazing performance opportunities to our most accomplished young musicians, while also creating more awareness amongst the general public of these talented young people who represent our future artists and arts supporters. From all of your fans at Merit, a big B R A V O !!

-Duffie Adelson
Merit School of Music

Steve Robinson/WFMT

Ten years already! It's hard to believe. Even harder to believe is how much you have accomplished for the station in this stretch of time. We are all in your debt. Warmest congratulations for all you have done and are yet to do. The entire artistic community is richer for your presence here.

Alan Heatherington, Music Director
Lake Forest Symphony
Ars Viva Symphony
Chicago Master Singers

I second that!

Steve and WFMT were the recipients of Chicago a cappella's "Tribute Award" last year for their contribution to the Chicago classical music community, and vocal/choral music in particular  -- here's the video tribute:

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