Fulcrum Point celebrates arts education and Latin rhythms

Fulcrum Point celebrates arts education and Latin rhythms

Wed, 10/17/2012 - 12:12pm — Margaret Sutherlin
Oct 17, 2012

Fulcrum Point musicians, Flamenco dancer Chiara Mangiameli, and the Sones de Mexico Ensemble are creating quite the musical mashup next week, when arts education and new music and Latin culture come together.

In a performance benefiting Fulcrum Point’s Sound Tracks education programming, the Fiesta Latina is definitely a celebration of music and dance says Stephen Burns, executive director of Fulcrum Point.

Tuesday’s concert promises to be a combination of music and dance, and something Chicago-based flamenco dancer Chiara Mangiameli (who you might remember from the Looking Glass production of Rick Bayless’ Cascabel), has been working long and hard on with her students in Soundtracks. She says her own love of dance, particularly the story that comes with the flamenco music is really exciting for the kids.

“Learning about different cultures is exciting for them,” she said.  “Kids are little sponges of information and their little bodies are still malleable so they can really adapt to movement and technique.” 

The Sound Tracks program has been an integral part of the Fulcrum Point message since the music company’s founding in 1988.  Burns says that often contemporary classical music can be intimidating for some audiences, and Sound Tracks is just one of the ways the company seeks to help people make the leap.

“Education is so important because we found that with new music, audiences need something to hold to and a context to guide them through the music,” Burns said. 

In addition to a performance by the Sound Tracks students from Waters Elementary School, the first graduating class of the Chicago High School for the Arts will be performing also. 

While education is the central part of the benefit concert, Burns says a new commissioned work by Gabriela Lena Frank’s Rhapsodia Andina which takes inspiration from Peruvian archeological sites is a particularly exciting highlight, as well as a performance of Chicago composer Gustav Leon’s Mobiles.


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