April 2014


Classical Music

Poetry and piano--Music/Words teams up with Poetry Foundation & PianoForte Foundation for Chicago performance

Tue, 10/16/2012 - 11:32pm — Margaret Sutherlin
Oct 17, 2012

When Inna Faliks launched Music/Words five years ago in New York City, the concept was born out of her own inspiration from the literature she loved.  The series brings together poets and musicians in performance, to find new creative energy and reach new audiences.  The program has featured musicians like Chicago cellist Wendy Warner and pianist Leon Livshin, and poets like Mark Levine, Sandra Beasley, and Jesse Ball.

'Les Mis' and Music in the Movies

Oct 10, 2012

Before I even knew what a cello was, music played a powerful role in my life. My parents may not have known L'Eliser D'Amore, but they definitely knew Les Miserables. The first time I heard the majesty of a symphony orchestra was not through Schubert, but Schonberg and Andrew Lloyd Webber. I would even go far as to attribute my quick love of opera to my early exposure of musicals (thanks Mom and Dad!). The release of the new Les Mis 'Extended First Look' Trailer got my attention for many reasons. Along with Anne Hathaway's raw portrayal of one of the most heartbreaking characters in the history of literature, I am extremely excited about the film's focus on the importance of the music and its artistic expression. When was the last time you heard A-list Hollywood actors talk about that?

Getting to Know the Artist: Cellist Ian Maksin of the iAN&ANi Duo

Oct 5, 2012

To me, Fall is the most exciting season for music. Besides the return of apple cider and pumpkin pie, I relish the rush and vigor of season openings that bring us back to ensembles we respect and performances of music we love. In addition to our old favorites, we can look forward to new artists presenting music in intriguing and exhilarating ways. One ensemble that has caught my attention (not just because of the killer palindrome), is the piano / cello duo iAN&ANi. The duo's innovative and passionate performances of classical music with dancers and multimedia struck me as particularly fascinating. Their new album "Tango Plus" comes out October 10 and I took a moment to ask cellist Ian Maksin a few questions about this rising duo:

Corporate Sponsors: Heroes or Villains?

Jul 18, 2012

Though I've never been one to read comic books, I enjoy a good superhero film as much as the next girl. This summer has been a big one for heroes: Spiderman, The Avengers and another Batman movie all hit theaters this summer. Probably most anticipated and definitely most appealing to me is the Batman story. In The Dark Knight Rises, we see a broken hero who has assumed the role of villain in order to preserve the image of the hero "Harvey Dent" that Gotham so desperately needed. Maybe my arts advocacy wheels have been turning a bit too hard lately, but when I thought about the blurred line of hero and villain... something came to mind: corporate sponsorship in the arts.