April 2014



Its No Wonder

Apr 28, 2009

Today's review is from Chicago Tribune writer, Michael Cameron.

Given the sterling reputation he’s earned in music education circles, it’s no wonder Midwest Young Artist’s director Allan Dennis occasionally submits evidence of the value of his program and methodology through the accomplishments of former students.  Saturday night at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall he presented exhibit A: his daughter and violist extraordinaire, Carrie Dennis.

Inspiring Orchestras

Apr 7, 2009

First, let me apologize for how long it has been since I last blogged.  In fact, all of my blogging calluses have gone away and I am sore just from writing these two sentences.  But enough about me.  Our friends at Gramophone have published yet another list.  This one lists the ten most inspiring orchestras in the world.  They are the New York Philharmonic, YouTube Symphony Orchestra, Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, China Philharmonic Orchestra, Buskaid (Soweto, Africa) Ensemble, East West Divan Orchestra, Orchestre National d’Ile de France, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and London Symphony Orchestra.

You Tube Magic

Mar 11, 2009

Chicago Opera Theater has a really cool, fun You Tube promotion going on right now that one of the Chicago Sinfonietta musicians recently emailed me about. Kudos to COT for getting this creative, potentially viral marketing idea out to the community. 
Have any of you, our informed and technologically sophisticated users, seen other examples of this type of creative social networking that you would care to share with the rest of us?  Please post your examples so we can check them out!

My Story, Your Story – Whats the Story?

Feb 10, 2009

Every musician has had moments of greatness (and the ying to that yang is) every musician has had moments of despair. Extreme? I know, but I find it to be true. Music, like all refined skills is a craft that lies close the heart. So much spirit, sweat and hard work goes into improving what you do.


The Colorado Symphony Orchestra Appoints James W. Palermo As Its New President And CEO

Jan 8, 2009

Today's post brings some exciting news about a valued colleague and personal friend, Jim Palermo.

Jim has been named as the new President and CEO of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra beginning in March.  Jim has accomplished so much in his time in Chicago as head of the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and we will all miss him.  On a personal note, I will miss his sage advice, his wonderful spirit of collaboration, and his great sense of humor.  Best of luck, Jim!